Do not worry about the risk of losing your money in cash

Live the experience of the Cashless payment system


The Cashless experience

You are coming to the Sound Tulum parties to enjoy and have fun. Do not worry about the risk of losing your money in cash, for not bringing the exact change or losing sight of your credit card every time you pay a drink.


  • Go to the two wristband exchange centres to change your ticket for a Cashless Wristband for your Sound Tulum parties.
  • When you arrive at any of the Sound Tulum parties, you must show your Cashless Wristband from the corresponding party to allow you access.
  • Also, you can buy your ticket and exchange it for a Cashless Wristband at the two wristband exchange centres or at Zamna Club ticket office on the party day.

Tarjeta Cashless
Cashless Card


To buy at the parties of Sound Tulum is necessary to recharge a Cashless Wristband, since it will be the only means of payment available.

To use the Cashless payment system in Sound Tulum you just have to follow three steps:

Follow the next instructions to get you Cashless Wristband:
a) Change your ticket purchased online for a Cashless Wristband at the two wristband exchange centers in the next locations from 15:00 to 23:00, starting on December 27th:
- Humo Restaurant, Av. Carrillo Puerto-Tulum M-31 Lot 2 (Town)
- Palmar, Tulum-Boca Paila Km 7 (Beach)
b) Buy your ticket at the wristband exchange center (only cash) and get a Cashless Wristband.
c) Buy your ticket at Zamna Club ticket office on the party day (cash and credit/debit card) and get a Cashless Wristband.
In each of the parties of Sound Tulum, there will be specified areas close to the bars (identified as CASHLESS RECHARGE), where you can put the balance you decide to your Cashless Wristband. The recharges can be made with cash or credit/debit cards (the charge is made through the iZettle payment platform).
IIf you are thirsty or just a craving, you can buy drinks with your Cashless Wristband at any time. Just go to a bar or a waiter to ask them to serve you any of the products they offer. The payment with the Cashless Wristband is very fast and simple (but do not forget to charge your wristband).
It is very easy to pay:
  • First, our personnel receives the order.
  • Afterward, they show you the total of the charge for your approval.
  • Finally, simply bring the mobile terminal to your Cashless Wristband to discount the order you made.

Points of sale

The Cashless Wristband is used to make consumption within any of the parties of Sound Tulum.

The Bars and the Waiters may discount you the balance of your Cashless Wristband through a mobile terminal.


At any time, you can request it in a bar, with a waiter or at any “Cashless Recharge” centers. Through the mobile terminal, they can read the amount you have available in your Cashless Wristband. In the case that you have any doubt about your purchases, they can also show you the detail of your consumption history.


You can make all the recharges and consumptions you want with the Cashless Wristband corresponding of your event of Sound Tulum season (December 2018 - January 2019). Remember, you can use just the Cashless Wristband of the party day.

The balance charged on the wristband must be consumed in its entirety during the Sound Tulum party, since there will be no refund of surpluses.


We invite you to take care of the Cashless Wristband since anyone can make use of it and in case of loss, it will not be possible to recover your balance.

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