BAUM sound tulum

BAUM joins Sound Tulum to bring the avant-garde sound experience with the duo from Berlin Modelesktor

The event will take place next 4th January 2018 at the cenote Zamna

Join the authentic BAUM experience with us.

This rave will take place on Saturday 4th of January of 2018 in a dream cenote in Tulum:Zamna, in an extended schedule that goes from 10pm to 8am.

Sound Tulum and BAUM, join forces for the first time to bring to the Playa the avant-garde sound by the #TeamBadKingdom aka Modeselektor, also accompanied by the brilliant Tijana T representing the super techno imprint: Dystopian. In addition, to the line up are added the fresh residents BAUM with Cayetano, Mao Loading and Mao Fonnegra + the Deep-House of Leonardo and the paralel dimensions of coloured refracted dreams and soundwaves guided by the spirit of the DJ Oona Dahl.