Dystopia with Luciano

Sound Tulum welcomes Dystopia with Luciano

Sound Tulum welcomes Dystopia with Luciano

On Monday, January 7, DYSTOPIA presents its Mexican debut with a Hallucination theme.

The innovative concept emerged and launched in summer this year by The Night League and Ushuaïa Ibiza.

DYSTOPIA is an immersive experience that strikes a contrast of the modern world. Music, live art and performances are perceived through a distorted lens that immerses you into a new sensory world and invites you to explore your creativity. Brutal, surreal, far from any limit or prejudice, disorienting and idealistic, DYSTOPIA is radically unconventional. It does not look like anything you've seen before. All set for early 2019, this fifth confirmation of Sound Tulum will be held at Zamna Tulum, with Luciano as the master of ceremonies.

The Chilean resident is one of the most respected artists in the international electronic dance industry. In addition to being the owner of Cadenza, one of the most influential labels of the moment, he has one of the most prolific trajectories as a producer making him an even more successful DJ. Luciano is always a safe bet. In true DYSTOPIA style, he will be joined by an exceptional collection of front-line performances from the contemporary electronic scene.

January 7th 2019
Tulum - Mexico

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